Sales Consult, led by head trainer Lisa Carey, are professionally recognised as a leader by the ISM. They have a proven track record of helping sales professionals to improve their performance through an immersive and bespoke approach to sales coaching.

“Having been in sales most of my professional life, I fell into the trap of thinking I knew it all. Working directly under Lisa I realised that not only had I much to learn, but many of my bad habits from earlier on in my career had crept back into my sales activities.

“Lisa has a talent for identifying the small things that can be fined tuned and identifying the bigger things which can genuinely impact sales and your conversations.

“I’ll admit it took me a while to be open to being coached again but through Lisa’s patience, perseverance and sales knowledge, I began to see results almost instantly by following her directions and training methods. Thank you Lisa for teaching an old dog new tricks!”

Gregory Allen

Head of Sales & Partnerships
The Student Marketing Company

The Student Marketing Company

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