Our advanced sales course is perfect for anyone who has a foundation knowledge in sales and now wants to sharpen their sales skills and add to their sales toolkit.

The course investigates how to engage, influence and motivate prospects effectively.

We focus on key communication skills and explore the psychology of ‘why’ prospects buy to be able improve the success of a sales professional.

Course Details

Half Day

£139 + VAT Per Delegate

Our half day course supports delegates in examining how to influence others, construct compelling proposals and become traders of time.

Topics Covered

  • The anatomy of a top performer
  • Preparation skills
  • Time management skills
  • Why people buy
  • How to influence
  • Writing effective proposals

Delegate Takeaways

  • Able to prioritise tasks to increase sales results
  • Able to influence through the use of powerful language techniques
  • Confident in designing effective proposals
  • Confident to apply a consultative sales approach, selling ‘whys’ and not ‘hows’

Course Details

Full Day

£179 + VAT Per Delegate

Our full day course includes everything from the half day course and more. We investigate the different personality types, design powerful communication strategies and analyse advanced questioning techniques.

Topics Covered

  • Goal setting
  • Personality types
  • Effective pitch delivery
  • Advanced questioning skills
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Becoming an expert
  • Active listening skills
  • Solution selling

Delegate Takeaways

  • Able to lead an engaging sales meetings and presentations
  • Confidently communicate with other personalities to increase sales
  • Able to construct power questioning tactics that lead a conversation
  • Confident in solution selling and creating a reputation as an industry expert
  • Able to use powerful verbal and non-verbal communication techniques to win more orders

Course Details

Two Days

£279 + VAT Per Delegate

Our two day course covers everything from day one and more. We examine advanced closing, objection handling and negotiation techniques that result in more orders and higher sales volumes.

Topics Covered

  • Advanced objection handling
  • Challenging the prospects view
  • Advance closing techniques
  • Referral management
  • Advanced negotiation
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Re-cap and presentations

Delegate Takeaways

  • Able to design a personalised objection handling process
  • Able to construct a referral template which creates new orders
  • Ready to lead a negotiation
  • Able to combat an objection before it arises
  • Confident to treat their desk like their own business increasing sales success

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