Nothing happens in business until someone sells something, right?

Right!, and our ‘introduction to sales’ is the best course to get you started in any sales role, on the phone or face-to-face.

This course is perfect for anyone who is new to sales, needs a freshen up on the basics, or has never taken part in any formal sales training or coaching before.

We explore all sales fundamentals and examine what generates success in and out of the ‘pitch’ through engaging activity based uncomplicated training.

This course will help you create new opportunities, close more deals and increase overall performance.

Course Details

Full Day

£179 + VAT Per Delegate

Our full day course examines the principals of professional sales, explores the behaviours that generate success and builds strong preparation and organisation skills.

Topics Covered

  • Principles of professional sales
  • Behaviours and attitudes
  • Being prepared and organised
  • Introduction to the gatekeeper
  • Qualifying prospects effectively
  • Making a great first impression

Delegate Takeaways

  • Confident in their approach to sales
  • Better prepared to make sales calls
  • Able to deliver an effective call opening
  • Able to reach more decision makers
  • Efficient in qualifying prospects

Course Details

Two Days

£279 + VAT Per Delegate

Our two day course covers everything from our one day course and more. We analyse effective questioning, selling and value proposition skills.

Topics Covered

  • Questioning skills
  • Benefit selling
  • Listening skills
  • Clear communication
  • Buying signals
  • Closing techniques

Delegate Takeaways

  • Able to identify the ‘NEED’ through new questioning techniques
  • Able to listen and suggest solutions that fit prospects ‘NEEDS’
  • Able to identify when a prospect is ready to buy and confidently close
  • Confident to apply 3 closing techniques

Course Details

Four Days

£499 + VAT Per Delegate

Our four day course continues on from the first two days. We evaluate useful objection handling, negotiation and consolidation techniques.

Topics Covered

  • Objection handling
  • Negotiation skills
  • Consolidation
  • Repeat custom
  • Social selling
  • Constructing an effective e-mail
  • Re-cap and presentation

Delegate Takeaways

  • Better prepared to handle objections
  • Confidently negotiate a WIN:WIN outcome
  • Better consolidate orders to ensure they return
  • Ready to apply a sales structure to on going calls and take on new orders
  • Able to increase sales activity through the use of social selling

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